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Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL
Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL


Lady with medals

Rotator cuff & torn biceps surgery, 4/20/15

First Masters meet post-surgery, 9/19/15

  • 50 LCM back – 2:01.51 – 2nd place
  • 50 LCM free – 1:38.85 – 2nd place

2nd Masters meet post-surgery, 10/10/15

  • 25 SCM free – 46.13 – 2nd
  • 50 SCM free – 1:43.98 – 2nd
  • 100 SCM free – 3:56.33 – 2nd
  • 25 SCM back – 40:49 – 1st
  • 50 SCM back – 1:30.33 – 3rd
  • 100 SCM back – 3:26.19 – 3rd

Margie H.
age 75

Therapy good for me. I would recommend to others. (It has) been very helpful for my recovery. (I have) been coming for a while and very happy with the results.

M. Nguyen

Thank you so so much-you guys are the best. I couldn’t have done any of this w/out your care, patience and compassion. I highly recommend Farese for any type of PT-mine was torn rotator cuff post surgery Thank you again. I may be back next year for my knees. Take care everyone.

Sandy Miller

I injured my right shoulder from long hours at my work desk and bad positioning, it started out as a sore shoulder but slowly progressed into a loss of range of motion. The pain was terrible, I tried to treating myself with Motrin, warm and cold packs, eventually the pain became so unbearable I went to the emergency room. I was was given a steroid pack and a Toradol shot. However after the shot wore off the pain came back. I then went to my Primary Care Provider (PCP) I was given more steroids and muscle relaxers. Still no relief of pain and my range of motion was getting worse because I was protecting my shoulder by not using it. I then tried acupuncture, initially it felt I like I got some relief, but the pain came back. I was so frustrated, being a medical professional and being very active, how come I was not better? I thought perhaps I tore something. I finally went to see an orthopedic surgeon, that is when I was referred to Farese rehabilitation.

My first appointment with Patricia was such a great experience, she was very caring and listened to what I was experiencing. The next day I could finally feel results. They made a care plan that included a TENS unit, ultra sound, massage and exercises that I did everyday. I was so happy with my results, especially that the pain was significantly reduced from the first day. After a month of treatment my range of motion was back to normal. I still had a bit of fatigue in my shoulder but this was expected due to the injury I did to it by not seeking treatment when the symptoms first surfaced. I highly recommend Farese rehabilitation.

Sonia S. Kullmann, RN

My experience with rehab at Farese was very positive. The staff was always friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Appointments were easy to schedule or change, if necessary. I also appreciated the smaller, more personal office environment, rather than the large gym-like settings at other PT locations. Because of the smaller environment, I was able to work with the same therapist each time, which was very beneficial. Pooja was the physical therapist I worked with and she was very attentive and always took the time to explain each stage of my therapy. I would certainly recommend Farese to anyone needing physical therapy.

Cathy Faulkner

I will say up front that posting reviews is not something I normally do. However, my experience at Farese Physical Therapy was extraordinary.

The open treatment area and people working and talking together makes the experience warm and inviting. From the moment you walk in and Betty greets you, you feel relaxed and at ease. If only every medical office was like this.

With regards to the therapists, I have had the pleasure of being treated by Pooja, Robin and Margit. I have found them all to be extremely talented and caring professionals dedicated to giving their ALL to every patient. The staff shows you the exercises you need to do to prepare your body, in my case it was my broken ankle, for pre and post therapy. You have to show up and participate whole heartedly and DO THE EXERCISES. It wasn’t easy, and I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone at times. But in the end, I’m walking again! Never did I feel the physical therapy was skimping on my treatment, in fact, I found it to be beyond thorough and was always amazed at how much they taught me during my sessions. The entire staff at Farese Physical Therapy are great people doing great work and I am very thankful to have had them in my corner.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone!

David B.
November 5, 2014

Terri H

Before last year, I have never been to physical therapy of any kind. As a result of a bad bicycle accident, I have been a patient at Farese Physical Therapy not once, but twice! I often refer to my time there as “spa” time. While I realize this sounds far reaching for a physical therapy place, as a business owner trying to regain my strength and energy – Farese is a welcome part of my week. The staff there is absolutely wonderful! They’re knowledgeable and my time go by fast while I’m there. Patty, Robin, Margit, Betty and now Pooja are great. After having surgery two times in the last 7 months, I requested that I go to Farese again and do not regret it. If you want excellent advice, care and therapy they are the best!

Here’s Pooja working on my facial muscles as part of my PT – she does a great job.

Terri H.

I brought my father to Farese for physical therapy. The entire staff was very knowledgeable and very caring as if this was their own Dad. The exercises, the muscle massage to loosen up the damaged area, the electrodes for stimulation, the sonogram for deep heat and the encouragement of the staff has made an increased improvement in my father’s ability to walk. I would highly recommend Farese to anyone needing therapy!

Heather B., daughter of Ted Dahlem
October, 2014