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Certified Hand Therapy ( CHT) Patricia Farese was certified by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission, Inc. in 1998. With lifelong passion, Patricia stays current in her profession and has comprehensive knowledge of the intricate anatomy of the upper extremity. She is familiar with advanced surgical techniques and post-operative programs and possesses the clinical expertise to effectively manage injuries and medical conditions of the upper extremity.

Patricia has a special interest and technical expertise in fabricating and training orthoses (commonly referred to as splints) for patients with the purpose of immobilizing or mobilizing a specific are of the body. It is extremely common for patients to require orthoses following surgical intervention of the upper extremity such as: fractures, tendon injuries, joint replacements and ligament repairs. Since we use our hands all day long, be assured the expertise of a Certified Hand Therapist will help maximize your recovery. As a CHT, Patricia has the skills necessary to help alleviate your pain, restore your dexterity and return you to your prior level of activity.