Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL
Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL
Farese Physical Therapy Center | Saint Petersburg FL

Industrial Therapy

Industrial Therapy St. Petersburg

Our Physical Therapists have unique qualifications in the management of Neuromusculoskeletal Injuries incurred on the job. Our ultimate goal is the restoration of the injured worker’s physical and functional capability for safe and expeditious return-to-work. Management of work-related injuries can be divided into four phases:

  1. Acute, Immediately Post-Trauma Phase
  2. Post-Acute Phase
  3. Reconditioning Phase-includes Work Conditioning program, Functional Review
  4. Return-to-Work Phase-an objective Functional Capacity Assessment may be used as a basis for entry into this phase

Progression from one phase to the next will be determined by objective functional tests and measures while the duration of each treatment phase is influenced by the physical activities required of the job if an alternative placement is not available. We are always available to discuss an injured workers’ progress and anticipated discharge plans with the employee’s health team.

Treatment may also include the following:

  • Back School Education
  • Neck Care Program
  • Carpal Tunnel Prevention Program
  • Body Mechanics Education
  • Work Conditioning Program
  • Functional Capacity Assessment – KEY Method (Patricia Farese is a certified Assessment Specialist)
  • Ergonomic Analysis – Work should be comfortable when workers are well and accommodating when they are ill*

Additionally, we offer Job Placement Assessments, a post-offer, prior-to-hire assessment administered prior to starting a new position. The Job Placement Assessment ensures employers hire capable employees by evaluating applicants’ true and safe functional capabilities. This Assessment meets ADA, EEOC and Affirmative Action Guidelines.

*(Hadler, NM. Workers with disabling back pain. N Eng J Med. 1997; 337(5): 341-343.)